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The Cash4Offers is an incentive-based website where members get paid for reading email, taking surveys and completing offers. In order to generate a lead, a visitor must sign-up and complete one offer (survey).


FusionCash is a loyalty program which rewards surfers for trying offers, taking surveys, and more.  

Stop clipping coupons... print them. Surfers who sign-up with FreeFlys will have access to hundreds of coupons and free samples!

Make some extra cash in your spare time. Surfers who sign-up to Your Free Surveys will have access hundreds of online surveys and will also receive a $4 sign-up bonus.


Surfers who participate in this offer and that are interested in selling their home can sign-up to Zbuyer.com and get an instant offer.

Turn your PC into a TV. This offer is for a download that allows surfers to watch TV and movies over their computer.


Surfers who participate in this offer can join The Discount Savings Club and have access to thousands of deals on national brands. They could also receive a free $50 Target gift card.

Try eFax FREE for 30 days! Get your own local or toll-free fax number that lets you send and receive faxes by email.