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A quick survey and email submit can win someone a Starbucks Gift card. Capitalize on the most loved coffee chain in America with this great promo offer.


Surfers who participate in this offer could received $500 in Chili's gift cards. Email address is required. 


Get FIFA(R) Soccer 12 and a $200 GameStop(R) card. 


Perfect for summer vacation, this offer appeals to anyone looking to get away for free with Jet Blue. For entering their email users may receive 2 free Jet Blue tickets to anywhere Jet Blue flies.


Cash in on the hottest gaming franchise today. Backed by strong brand awareness and offline promotions, Madden 12 is the high of sports gaming. Users enter their email for the chance to win a copy of Madden 12 and a console to play it on. Don't miss out.  

Fight alongside the Spartan soldiers in Halo(R): Reach. 


Cash in on the hottest game this season for either console. Call of Duty is back with another sequel and the anticipation is huge. Users enter their email for a chance at a copy of the game and a ps3 or xbox 360 to play it on.

Top converting travel email submit. Users have a chance to win 2 tickets on Southwest Airlines.