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Austria 2

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#079 GA6887
Runes of Magic redefines what players can expect from a free to play MMO. With an in-depth class system, a huge amount of open and instanced dungeons and many more features to boot, you'll never struggle to find something occupy your time in Runes of Magic.

#104 GA3504
#101 DA6140
be2 is one of the world’s leading matchmaking services designed to unite soul mates for fulfilling longterm relationships. More than 19 million members in 37 countries on six continents trust in be2’s state of the art matching methodology, developed by a team of expert psychologists, sociologists, and statisticians.
Users must be at least 30.

#101 EN0873
Users can chat in 3D, meet new friends, and customize their own 3D chat room for FREE.