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#072 FS3459
MacKeeper is a bundle of most important system utilities for performing different tasks on your Mac. It will rescue you from numerous apps and dozens of customer support centers!

#003 FS0499
A free alternative to Winrar and Winzip which compresses and extracts any file and archive formats. 7-Zip has higher compression ratio results than any other compatible programs when in comes to 7z and Zip compression formats. 

#012 FS9321

#024 FS0674
Watch movies and top international TV channels on your desktop. HD quality and free! 

#056 FS9874

Get a free 7GB account to backup your online digital life: photos, videos, music, docs, etc.

#006 FS1484
Loginworks helps you to unleash the true potential of latest technology with our latest Web Scrapping service & web data extraction service. This service will address a number of common data problems for your business it will help you to generate sales leads, collect product price information from competitors, clip news articles, build your own product catalogue, watch on your competitor’s website and duplicate an online database, aggregate real estate data, collect financial data and profiles of public companies, and more.

Loginworks Softwares
#072 FS3469
Babylon is over 2000 dictionaries & glossaries!

#084 FS8710

#072 FS3466
Xvid is a MPEG-4 video codec for PC. Its purpose is to compress video in order to allow for faster transmission over computer networks or for more efficient storage on computer disks.