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Make Money With JNF


Working approximately 2-3 hours a day could generate between $1500-$3000 monthly for you. It all depends on your enthusiasm, concentration, determination and focus

Our offers are divided into four categories (You may select only 1, 2 or all offers.)

Category 1 (Student Leads), http://www.jnfmarketplace.com/home/study-abroad

We are offering $25  per sign up. If any anyone leads prospective students seeking admission, to purchase one of our packages located at

 (http://www.jnfmarketplace.com/home/study-abroad/select-your-package), the person earns $25

Category 2 (Fashion Leads),  http://www.jnfmarketplace.com/home/fashion

We are offering 10- 30% to any anyone who introduce buyers to any item listed on the site (http://www.jnfmarketplace.com/home/fashion). the percentage depends on the item purchased

Category 3 (Back-link free trial) http://www.jnfmarketplace.com/home/backlinks-8794

We are offering $1 for any webmaster you introduce that tries our back-link offer for free

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The tracking system is automatic. You will be provided with a tracking link such as this: http://goo.gl/GexJr

This link will automatically redirect you to the page you are promoting.

You can check how well you are performing by simply adding .info to the end of your tracking link

For example, take the link  http://goo.gl/GexJr,  all you need to do when checking your stats is enter in your browser http://goo.gl/GexJr.info

This should show you all your visits, countries where your visits are coming from and all relevant information regarding your traffic. It won't show you your revenue.

Every revenue will automatically reflect in your account, If you want to check how much you have earned, as well as in-depth analysis of all your traffic,

you will need to sign into our platform(s) using the link below


You must be accepted before your can sign into our platform, once accepted, you can only sign in using a Gmail Account (Google email)

To be accepted to work with us, simply click the link below, fill the form and submit


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PS: Log into your account frequently, check your revenue and request for all the money you have earned at any stage.

Add james072577 to your Skype for support whenever you want one