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Aruba Shore Excursion: Essence of Aruba

If you’re in port in Aruba, you need to experience the essence of the island on this shore excursion. This fascinating tour features the products in which this Caribbean island specializes. Learn about Aruba's 160-year-old aloe history. Visit the Aruhiba Cigar Factory. Stop at the Balashi Beer Brewery. Go to the Pinturitic Kunukoe House for a taste of Aruban rum.


  • Essence of Aruba shore excursion
  • Discover the history of Aruba's aloe industry
  • Stop at the Aruhiba Cigar Factory
  • Visit the Balashi Beer Brewery
  • Sample rum at Pinturitic Kunukoe House
  • Complimentary port pickup and drop off
  • Covered by Viator's worry-free policy: guaranteed on-time return to your ship

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